Commentary: Want to make a real difference for struggling vets? Ensure access to legal aid

Alicia McCormick served four years in the Coast Guard, including time on the icebreaker Polar Star. She’s a staff attorney with the Northwest Justice Project, a publicly funded civil legal aid program in Washington state. Her work representing veterans is funded through the Veterans Affairs Department’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families, a group that aims to reduce veteran homelessness.

As a legal aid lawyer, I work with veterans every single day.

I see them struggle to get benefits they have earned through service to their country. I see their court battles to keep their homes and livelihoods. As a veteran myself, I’m deeply saddened to see how often the scales of justice are tipped against them.

For the veterans I see, the legal problems they must address threaten basic human needs — keeping roofs over their heads, paying for groceries and other necessities, and receiving necessary medical treatment.

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