How Legal Aid Helps

What If You Were Poor And…

  • you were wrongfully denied medical care…
  •  you were a victim of domestic violence and had no place to go…
  •  you were illegally evicted from your apartment and facing homelessness…

Where Could You Get Help?

Low-income families must fight these battles on their own because – despite the fact that civil cases can result in people going to jail, or losing their home, health care, custody of their children or sense of safety – there is no right to an attorney in civil legal proceedings as there is for criminal defendants. At least four out of five people who need a civil lawyer don’t have one.

The Campaign for Legal Services is a joint fundraising effort for two of New Hampshire’s civil legal aid organizations: 603 Legal Aid, and New Hampshire Legal Assistance. Working together, these organizations provide civil legal services to low-income and elderly residents to help meet their basic daily survival needs. For many people living in poverty, civil legal aid is the only pathway to food, shelter, health care, and freedom from domestic abuse.

More than 70 percent of legal aid clients are low-income women. About 10 percent are veterans of the armed services, and almost every case we take affects a household with children.

NHLA and 603 Legal Aid help people by

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