Photo used by permission of Deb Cram, Seacoast Media

As we head into winter here in New Hampshire, the impact of your gift comes into stark relief.

The week before Thanksgiving, New Hampshire Legal Assistance received a call from Stacey, the homeless mom of five very young children. Stacey, her husband, and the children had recently stayed overnight in their van in a city on New Hampshire’s Seacoast.  The family had been trying to make ends meet with the dad’s federal disability benefits, but a series of obstacles – family illnesses and deaths, expensive car repairs – knocked their budget out of its delicate balance.

The city welfare office denied the family’s application for the housing assistance they needed while they looked for a new apartment. So between calls to realtors and property managers, Stacey called New Hampshire Legal Assistance.

NHLA helped Stacey request a hearing appealing the city’s decision to deny help. When NHLA intervened, the city reversed its decision. Thanks to NHLA, the family lived safely in a motel until they could find a new apartment.

They are moving into that new apartment today.

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