Mitch Simon and grandson

The Campaign for Legal Services received a generous donation this summer from a group of former students of Mitch Simon, in honor of his retirement from teaching law at the University of New Hampshire School of Law.

“Professor Simon was a steadfast source of guidance, support, and wisdom for his students and will be truly missed,” the students said. “We decided to donate to CLS in honor of Mitch’s tenure as the past litigation director at NHLA and to honor his dedication to helping those in need.”

While now retired from UNH School of Law, Mitch will continue his law practice with Devine Millimet, but is looking forward to spending more time making music and with his family, including a new grandson.

The Campaign programs are talking with UNH School of Law about establishing an on-going source of support for paid legal aid internships.

“Law students of color, first-generation college graduates, and law students who grew up experiencing poverty bring much talent, skill, and perspective to legal aid programs,” said Sarah Mattson Dustin, executive director of NHLA. “But many law students cannot afford to forego paid work during the summer. Support from Campaign donors like these remarkable former students will help NHLA offer paid summer internship opportunities to law students who are passionate about access to justice, regardless of their own resources.”