NHLA’s Domestic Violence Advocacy Project (DVAP) has begun holding clinics at Manchester Family Division every Thursday to help victims and survivors of domestic violence on the day of their protective order hearings. As many as six attendees each week – men, women and survivors of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds – receive legal advice and representation from NHLA staff attorneys and paralegals.

“Through these clinics, we are removing barriers for people who are otherwise unaware that legal aid can help them with protective orders, parenting plans, and divorce cases,” said Erin Jasina, NHLA’s DVAP Director. “It takes courage to go to court to face your abuser. NHLA’s work at the DV clinic ensures victims don’t have to do it alone.”

Additionally, NHLA recently received a $600,000 grant from the U.S. Justice Department to launch a multi-year partnership with WISE, a domestic violence crisis center in the Upper Valley.

The project is dedicated to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking – specifically people with a history of mental illness and/or substance misuse disorder. NHLA and WISE will work together to ensure clients receive holistic support for their behavioral and medical health needs while they navigate the civil legal system.

Mary Krueger will be NHLA’s staff attorney working on this project. “I am excited to be working with WISE,” she said. “This grant opportunity will allow us to wrap around our combined services ensuring that victims and survivors get support to stay in recovery, find their voice in their family court case, and to ultimately thrive.”