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The Campaign is supported by the Campaign Leadership Council, an all-volunteer committee of New Hampshire community leaders dedicated to the idea that equal justice for all makes our state stronger.


A message from the Campaign Leadership Council Chair:

Even the dictionary is catching on to the importance of access to legal aid.
“Justice” was the 2018 word of the year from Merriman-Webster, having surged in online searches.
The concept of justice was at the center of many of our national debates in the past year: racial justice, social justice, criminal justice, economic justice. In any conversation about these topics, the question of just what exactly we mean when we use the term justice is relevant, and part of the discussion.
For us at the NH Campaign for Legal Services, “justice” means many things.
It means a 93-year-old World War II veteran should have an advocate to stand up for him and his family when an assisted living facility pursues illegal collections actions against him.
Justice means helping a young family of six stand up for their rights and avoid homelessness.
And justice means paying due respect to a tradition of collaboration and cooperation that has protected countless survivors of domestic violence at their most vulnerable moments, when they decide to leave an abuser and start a new life.
As they do every year, the dedicated staff at New Hampshire Legal Assistance and the Legal Advice & Referral Center spent 2018 providing justice to these people and thousands more. Without civil legal aid, our clients faced daunting barriers to securing safety, shelter, and economic stability for their families.
And as we do every year, the Campaign was there to support these vital community programs with a record-setting $370,000 in support.
In this report, we highlight just a few examples of how legal aid upholds our shared interest in justice: the right to safety, the right to live with dignity, and the power of information.
But despite these great achievements and tremendous success stories, a significant gap persists between the American value of equal access to justice for all, and the reality of our legal system. Far too often, people are left to navigate civil legal problems without help, because our programs simply can’t meet the need for services. When we don’t provide people the legal aid they need to help them protect their rights, we’re holding back our entire community.
You know that as well as I do, and that’s why you give to the Campaign for Legal Services. Thank you for being part of our generous, engaged, and supportive community.

If you have not yet joined us, please read the stories on this site about our advocates’ work and count up the amazing number of people our programs reach. When you’re done, consider, what if America truly lived up to our promise of “justice for all”? And what if you helped us get there?



Erica Bodwell, 2018 Campaign Leadership Council Chair
Vice President and General Counsel, Northeast Delta Dental

2019 Campaign Leadership Council Members

Mark Beaudoin, Nixon Peabody
William L. Chapman, Orr & Reno
Michael Delaney, McLane Middleton
Lewis Feldstein, Concord, NH
Rachel Goldwasser, New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners
David Gottesman, Gottesman and Hollis
Megan Hilson, Brady Sullivan Properties
Ovide Lamontagne, Bernstein Shur
Michael Lewis, Rath, Young and Pignatelli
Jim Merrill, The Bernstein Shur Group
Sean O’Connell, Shaheen & Gordon
Mary Rauh, New Castle, NH
Alan Reische, Sheehan, Phinney, Bass + Green
Ellen Soucy, Bank of New Hampshire
Martha Van Oot, Jackson Lewis
Danette Wineberg, UNH School of Law

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