In 2020, everything changed. How we work, how we live, how we see loved ones. Two things didn’t: That families and seniors across New Hampshire rely on legal aid to protect their most basic rights. And in the face of a pandemic and economic crisis, you did not leave them to fend for themselves. Your support for legal aid, your belief in the power of justice, endured.

In 2020, thanks to generous support from more than 500 donors, the Campaign raised more than $429,000 to support NHLA and the Legal Advice & Referral Center. This was not only a record level of support — you completely blew past what we thought was possible in 2020.

It’s why, even when we faced an influx of urgent COVID-related cases, we were still able to help Margaret. Two years after retiring, Margaret became disabled and unable to supplement her pension with work. With less than $2,200 of income each month, she could barely afford rent, groceries and utilities, and could not keep up with payments on years-old debt. Paralegal Candace Cappio Gebhart helped Margaret file for bankruptcy, so she can make ends meet and manage her disability.

On behalf of NHLA, LARC and clients like Margaret, thank you for your invaluable support. Thank you for recognizing the life-changing power of access to justice.

Margaret sent this note to Candace, and allowed us to share it with you. You made this, and so much more, possible in 2020: