Thanks to an amazing team of sponsors, the Campaign welcomed nearly 100 people to a reception at Throwback Brewery in North Hampton on Tuesday, March 19, to learn about how civil legal aid benefits the region.

As US Senator Maggie Hassan told us in her remarks:

Know what a difference you make when you make it possible for people to access our justice system, to be heard, to be respected as the citizens of this state and this country that they are.…. When you stand up for somebody who is facing an eviction or is the victim of domestic violence, you may never know that you have, in helping them, deterred other illegal action against other people in the process. The more bad actors see that their victims have representation in court, the better off we all are and the better off potential victims are, too… I couldn’t be more grateful to see you all here tonight supporting the Campaign for Legal Services.”

Don’t forget to get your tickets to join us for our next event, our annual Campaign Kickoff Breakfast, April 16 in Manchester! 

Thank you to our sponsors!