Your gift to the Campaign, alone or in collaboration with gifts from other supporters, can mean so much to a family in need of access to justice.

A gift of $250 can provide a consultation with an advocate, so a disabled single mother like Kelli can fight an illegal eviction on her own in court: Kelli

“Before, I felt like I was all alone, like I had no teammates, and (my advocate) made it seem like I had a big team, even if it was just one person.”

Kelli’s advocate wrote a motion to help her get the case dismissed, and explained how she should present her case. Then Kelli went to court on her own and argued, successfully, against the landlord’s experienced attorney.

“I wasn’t even that scared,” she said. “It’s a life saving thing. When you’re so low and you’ve got no resources, when someone makes you think, ‘I can get through this,’ that just means the world.”

A gift of $2,500 can secure time for an attorney to appeal the denial of benefits for a veteran like Horace: Horace-1024x683

Horace* spent two years in the Air Force starting on his 18th birthday, and re-enlisted in the National Guard when he returned home to Littleton.

During his time with the Guard, he suffered a back injury that left him with herniated disks, unable to lift much weight, or stand or sit for extended periods of time. It effectively ended his career in construction and trucking.

One of the hardest moments, Horace said, was realizing he couldn’t afford a present – even from the dollar store – for his granddaughter’s fifth birthday.

“If it wasn’t for (my advocate) I would still be fighting to get my disability benefits. It’s just made such a difference. I’m no longer on food stamps. It gave me back some of my pride.”

*Client name has been changed

Five gifts of $5,000 can provide full representation for a survivor of domestic violence, like Abby, to obtain a divorce, safe parenting plan and adequate child support:

When Abby filed for a restraining order and requested supervised visitation, she thought some time apart might serve as a wake-up call for how her husband’s abuse had hurt the family.
He retaliated by cashing out his 401k, hiring an attorney and filing for divorce.
At their first hearing, Abby represented herself.
The judge ruled that she was entitled to only $50 per month in child support, despite being able to work only part-time to care for all four children.

“I just didn’t have the language, I didn’t know the laws, and his lawyer just mopped the floor with me,” she said. “After it was over, I sat and cried for three hours.”
With legal help, Abby was able to increase the amount of child support she receives each month to a more reasonable level.
“I never would have been able to get through the divorce on my own. Having someone knowledgeable and capable, it was a huge relief. No one expects this to happen to them, but it’s so wonderful to have someone that knows what they’re doing and can say, ‘Here’s what we’re going to do.’


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