603 Legal Aid continues to expand with the recent hiring of Jimmy Perez, Donna Dudley, and Dennis Thivierge. Perez joins 603 Legal Aid’s team of client intake specialists and will be able to assist clients who speak Spanish as their native language. Dudley will perform a variety of technical support and accounting functions related to the operations of the organization. Thivierge, who has worked as a contract attorney for 603 Legal Aid, has been hired as a staff attorney.

On June 1, 2021, the Legal Advice and Referral Center (LARC) and NH Bar Association Pro Bono Referral Program merged to create 603 Legal Aid. Based in Concord, NH, 603 Legal Aid hosts a central call center for people seeking civil legal assistance and maintains a vibrant volunteer recruitment, training and coordination program for attorneys seeking to volunteer their time and expertise.

The nonprofit has grown tremendously with several new positions being filled in recent months, including Emma Sisti as its Pro Bono Manager, and Vanessa Valdes as its Community Educator and Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic Assistant.