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We did it!

More than 50 supporters, listed below, came together to exceed our goal of raising $12,000 for civil legal services in New Hampshire in 36 hours.

These funds will go toward helping real New Hampshire people access critical  legal help. The services that New Hamsphire Legal Assistance and the Legal Advice and Referral Center provide help people meet their basic, human needs: food on the table, a roof over their heads and safety from domestic abuse.

NHLA and LARC clients — like Horace, Kelli, Elizabeth and Errol — are veterans in need of help accessing their benefits, domestic violence survivors making a new start, and parents trying to protect their children.

Ensuring that legal aid programs like NHLA and LARC are adequately funded means that we are not turning our backs on these most vulnerable of our neighbors in their time of need.

THANK YOU for your support.

Emily Gray Rice, Ricky Axtman, Gordon MacDonald and Jennifer Eber joined forces to sponsor the last 12 hours of the Campaign’s 36-hour Online Blitz for Legal Services. Their gift of $1,500 brought our final goal into sight, and we exceeded it with the help of the following supporters:

  • Rachel Goldwasser
  • Christopher Aslin
  • Naomi Butterfield
  • Pierce Atwood, LLP
  • Debra Walsh
  • Paul McEachern
  • Karen McGinley
  • Lorraine Sostowski
  • Jeannine McCoy
  • John Beardmore
  • Jim and Margie Kerouac
  • Brian Tauscher
  • Kerry Barnsley
  • Roy Tilsley
  • Rosemary Palermo
  • Molly Messenger
  • Minkow & Mahoney Mullen, P.A.
  • Frederick Coolbroth
  • Lynne Parker
  • Lauren Cline
  • George Moore
  • Periklis and Abigail Karoutas
  • Margaret Nelson
  • James Leary
  • Judith Brotman
  • Ryan Marcouillier
  • Richard Uchida

THANK YOU Jim Fitts and Peter Brown for offering motivational gifts to inspire the following supporters to join the Blitz on Thursday:

  • Claudia Damon
  • Eleanor Boisvert
  • Kevin Baum
  • Thomas Cote
  • Cathy Schmidt
  • Larry Edelman
  • Susan Duprey
  • Lawrence Graves
  • Michele Kenney
  • Vera Buck
  • Anne Phillips
  • Teresa Rosenberger
  • Patricia Gardner
  • Matthew Vallone
  • Margaret Fogarty
  • Kristine Tardiff
  • Elizabeth Velez
  • Jim Merrill
  • Martha Van Oot
  • Angie Lane
  • Karen Makocy Philbrick
  • Karl Durand
  • H. James Marshall

About the Blitz:

From 8 a.m., Oct. 1 until 8 p.m., Oct. 2, we called on everyone who values the principle of Equal Access to Justice for All to pool their resources and help us reach our goal of $12,000. The funds raised will benefit the civil legal aid work of New Hampshire Legal Assistance and the Legal Advice and Referral Center.

NHLA and LARC will use the funds to help families like Tracie’s and like Robin’s.



Tracie's Legal Aid Success Story

Tracie’s landlord tried to force her to leave her apartment, in part by turning off all the utilities, until the temperature dropped to nearly 40 degrees.

“I’m not sure I would have had the courage to go into court,” Tracie said.

But she called the Legal Advice and Referral Center. Hear Tracie tell her legal aid success story:

Robin's Legal Aid Success Story

Robin needed legal help from New Hampshire Legal Assistance to escape an abusive marriage so she could care for her four children.

Today, she says, they are all getting the help they need to move on from that dangerous part of their lives. “We’re all free,” she says.

Hear Robin tell her legal aid success story:

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